Key Specializations: Biology, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Our consultants have extensive experience managing and conducting R&D in life sciences, genetics, biological systems, biosensors, medical devices and industrial pharmaceuticals. Projects we have undertaken in this area range from diligence on genetically modified cyanobacteria; providing technology in-licensing consulting to a company developing artificial cell membrane; and advising on commercialization of medical devices.

We specialize in providing expert advice and opinions on technologies and technology companies. We work for groups looking to buy or invest in technology companies (i.e. conducting due diligences), but we also advise on technology licensing and strategy and provide opinions for law suits. Our team of acclaimed experts are based in Europe, the US and Asia and we work on projects anywhere in the world.

Due Diligence Investigations

Diligence investigations usually require a broad range of insights and expertise. Consequently our team comprises senior professionals with outstanding track records in one or more of the following areas: leading technical innovation, management of technology companies, intellectual property management and international patent law. All VorteQ projects are directly, and personally, managed by one of our Principal Consultants. All VorteQ's experts are on long-term contracts and, importantly, there are strong and longstanding personal and professional relationships between our consultants ensuring efficient internal collaboration. In areas where we may not have sufficient expertise, our consultants are called upon on to recommend a 'special appointee' that they know and trust to form part of the team for that particular project.