Antonin Vacheret
Base: UK


Antonin specializes in experimental neutrino physics. In 2011, he started his current appointment as a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford where he initiated and leads the development of innovative radiation detectors. He works closely with companies that are at the cutting edge in radiation protection, particularly with medical applications, and that are involved in the development of security safeguard systems for the nuclear industry. He has expert knowledge, understanding and experience in a wide range of technologies including solid-state and vacuum-based photon detectors, scintillating and fluorescent materials, fast signal processing electronics, Monte Carlo methods, pattern recognition algorithms, and various statistical procedures such as template matching, deconvolution and multivariate analyses.

Prior to joining Oxford, Antonin spent seven years at Imperial College London developing state-of-the-art neutrino detectors.

He received his Ph.D. in Sub-Atomic Physics from the University Louis Pasteur (now the University of Strasbourg), France.

Languages: French (primary), English

Antonin Vacheret